4 Signs You Should Contact A Commercial Electrician For Repairs

Almost every business requires electricity to operate efficiently. Without it, you wouldn't have the power needed to keep equipment such as computers and printers running. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to electrical issues early before they cause major problems. Otherwise, you might experience a power outage when you need electricity the most. The best way to avoid such misfortune is by calling a seasoned commercial electrician when you notice any of these warning signs.

1. Circuit Breaker Tripping

The role of a circuit breaker is to prevent an electrical system overload. It does so by tripping and thus cutting off the power supply to your commercial building. Without it, the system can easily overheat and most likely start a fire.

A circuit breaker that trips once in a while may not pose a major challenge. But if the tripping seems like an everyday occurrence, it is time to contact a seasoned commercial electrician. That way, you will know the best way to solve the problem, such as upgrading to a higher capacity circuit breaker.

2. Flickering Lights

Bulbs tend to flicker when they become loose. In this case, tightening the bulb into its holder could fix the problem. However, if doing so doesn't work, there might be a serious underlying problem such as a circuit overload or voltage fluctuation. Outdated or loose wiring is also known to make lights flicker.

Keep in mind that outdated wiring causes loose connections. This may sound like a minor problem, but it can cause dangerous sparks. Now that a single spark can lead to a fire outbreak, you know why flickering lights is something you should not ignore.

3. Burning Smell

Is there a burning smell in your commercial space? If yes, this highly suggests that all is not well with the electrical system. For instance, overheating can burn the insulation on electrical wires, making your surroundings smell like melting plastic. Again, taking action on time will ensure that the situation does not get out of hand.

4. Warm Power Outlet

Your power outlets are likely to feel warm if their wiring is faulty. The same applies if an outlet can't handle the plugged-in appliances. Considering that electrical outlets aren't supposed to exceed room temperature, you should contact a commercial electrician if yours feel hot to the touch.

Owning a business comes with many responsibilities. Ensuring that the electrical system is in good shape is one of the top priorities. Therefore, always call in a professional commercial electrical contractor when you notice any of the above warning signs.