Annual HVAC Services Should Include Checking And Cleaning The Combustion Area Of Your Furnace

One of the HVAC services you'll want to have done each year is cleaning the combustion area of your furnace. Soot builds up on the parts in this area and can lead to problems such as your furnace shutting down because it can't work properly.

When you have an annual furnace tune-up, the HVAC technician checks the combustion area and cleans it as needed. This is an important step in helping your furnace make it through a long, hard winter. Here's how an HVAC service technician might clean the combustion area of your furnace and what might happen if you forget to schedule a service call.

How The Furnace Combustion Area Is Cleaned

The service technician might vacuum the combustion area once the door and panel have been removed so the area can be accessed. It might also be necessary to scrub some of the parts with a brush to work soot loose first. When soot is out of the way, parts can be checked and cleaned much easier.

One thing the technician checks is the color of the gas flame. This is done before the furnace is shut down for cleaning, and if the flame is yellow rather than blue, that indicates the burners are dirty and need to be cleaned too. Other parts in the combustion area that need to be checked and cleaned include the flame sensor, pilot, and electronic ignition.

When the combustion area and parts are clean, the service technician is able to spot problems, such as pinholes or cracks if they are present. It's important to look for damage to the heat exchanger and fix problems that are found so carbon monoxide doesn't leak out of your furnace.

Why Furnace Cleaning Is Essential

If the combustion area of the furnace is not cleaned out annually, soot and dust build up inside. This can cause parts to malfunction. There could be problems with igniting the burners, and this can become serious if gas builds up due to lack of ignition. Your furnace may shut itself down as a safety precaution and leave you in the cold. Even worse, your furnace might ignite with a bang due to the gas accumulation and blow soot out in the room.

A clean furnace is safer to operate, and it runs more efficiently. That's why professional cleaning of the combustion area is usually done once a year before you need to turn the heat on. However, if you forget, don't put off the service call until next year. You can call a technician and have your furnace cleaned out any time it needs it. For more information, contact a company like Plisko Service Solutions.