5 Upgrades A Commercial Electrician Can Make On Your Premises

Do you see sparks in your power outlets or sense a burning smell when powering up equipment? These are signs your building's electrical system needs an upgrade. A premises running commercial and industrial equipment will have evolving power needs. You must undergo regular upgrades to the building's electrical system to keep up with these demands, work uninterrupted, and deliver expected client expectations. A commercial electrician can bring your building up to standard. What electrical upgrades are fit for efficient commercial premises?

Electrical Panel Upgrade 

The electric panel is integral to the power distribution in any electrical system. An outdated electrical panel poses a risk to the premises because of the hazards of electrical fires. The premises become unusable because you can't load any more equipment and tools. Commercial electrician services can make panel upgrades to accommodate your present and future power demands. 

Install Dedicated Circuits 

Different commercial and industrial equipment come with different power ratings, which may necessitate separating the circuits. For example, in an industrial warehouse with an office block, you need separate circuits for office equipment and heavy equipment.

You need a commercial electrician to set up dedicated circuits. It enables more efficient power distribution and plays a role in safety because it shields equipment from power surges. 

Upgrade the Wiring 

Electrical wiring deteriorates with age and becomes vulnerable to overheating when carrying high electrical loads. As a result, there is a high risk of igniting electrical fires, especially when they run through walls or insulation made of combustible material. Upgrading the wiring gives the electrical system adequate carrying capacity. It also allows the commercial electrician to bring the electrical system to standard safety codes. 

Install Surge Protectors 

Considering the investment in purchasing industrial and commercial equipment, it makes sense to invest in safeguarding it further. Surge protectors are critical electrical safety equipment. They can save equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars while costing a fraction of that amount. 

Comply With Building Codes

Building codes keep evolving as safety standards are reviewed and premises must comply accordingly. Your electrical systems must be code compliant lest you attract legal penalties, including the closure of the premises.

A competent commercial electrician can do a thorough inspection of the electrical system to recommend the required upgrades. It makes your premises more suited to changing commercial needs. 

Would you like to make better use of your commercial premises? Talk to a commercial electrician to explore the upgrades that can be made to support your industrial and commercial activities fully.