Learn Your Lights: 3 Areas Where Recessed Lighting Enhance Your Home

Now that winter has taken hold in the United States, the days are shorter and the nights longer. As a result, many homeowners discover a need for more interior lighting within their homes during this dark season. Recessed lighting is a popular choice for interior lighting, but did you know more than one type is available? It is time to learn your lights and discover three areas where recessed lighting adds brightness to your home.


One of the most popular aspects of recessed lights is they sit flush to your ceiling or wall. In the kitchen, a lot of cooking and baking occurs during the winter holiday season. But, inadequate lighting makes it difficult to read recipes and measure ingredients. Downlights installed as undercabinet lighting are the perfect solution to your kitchen needs. The lights are mounted into the underside of your wall cabinets, providing direct illumination to your cooking area. In addition, because the downlights are flush with the bottom of the cabinet, they are not dangling into your cooking area.

Eyeball Spotlights

Eyeball spotlights are a type of recessed light used to highlight an object. For example, a sculpture on your fire mantlepiece or a vase located in a nook beside the front door deserves highlighting. If it is a unique possession you wish to draw attention to, eyeball spotlights are the answer. An eyeball spotlight is moveable, so you direct the light rays to the highlighted object. Choose a spotlight that has trim matching the color of your ceiling. This choice allows the spotlight to blend in without detracting focus from the featured belonging.

Shower Lights

Getting undressed in the winter cold to shower is an uphill mental battle. Getting undressed in a dark bathroom does not provide further motivation. Recessed lights installed in the bathroom provide extra light without taking up space in what is traditionally a small room in the house. Bathroom recessed lights must be waterproof and can withstand this room's increased moisture from shower steam. You do not want shower lights short-circuiting from humidity early in the life span.

Your local electrician has further information available regarding areas of your home where recessed lighting is beneficial. Visit websites like https://www.jfelectricalcontractors.com/ to set up a lighting audit of your home. This walkthrough of your house allows the electrician to recommend which rooms gain the most from recessed lighting installation, so there is no need to be kept in the dark this winter.