3 Reasons You May Want An Electrical Upgrade For Your Home

If your old home has its original electrical system, you might wonder if it's time for an electrical upgrade. Upgrading your system could make life in your home easier since you may have more electronics and appliances than your old system can support. Here are three reasons to give your home an electrical upgrade.

1. So Your Home Is Safer

If your old wiring and outlets are unsafe, it's time to upgrade them to protect your home from fire and your family from electrical shocks. At one time, knob and tube wiring and aluminum wiring were common, but those are not safe and no longer used. Certain brands of electrical panels have proven to be unsafe and your electrician may recommend replacing them.

Plus, if your home is old, the electrical system may no longer be up to code. Electrical codes change over the years as new innovations make your home safer. Things like grounded outlets and GFCI outlets in wet rooms are important safety features that you may need to be added during your electrical upgrade to bring your system up to code.

2. So You Have Enough Circuits And Outlets

An old electrical panel may not have enough available spots for adding all the circuits you need, since many appliances need their own circuits. If your panel can't handle the addition of more circuits, then your electrician can put in a new panel that supplies more power as well as provide more circuits for your home.

This allows you to have more dedicated circuits for things like powerful kitchen appliances. Plus, you can have more outlets in general for all your electronics. In addition, your electrician can add modern outlets that also charge your devices without taking up a plug slot.

3. So You Can Get An Electric Car Or Spa

Electric cars are getting more common, and if you get one, you'll want a place to charge it in your garage. An electrician can install a charging station and hardwire it to a subpanel that's placed in your garage. An electric vehicle charger can also be plugged into an outlet the electrician can install, and the charger can even be installed outdoors if needed. By having an electrical upgrade done that includes installing a subpanel, you can charge a car, heat a spa, and operate a tankless water heater. You may not be able to use these and other tools, appliances, and equipment with an old electrical panel.

If you're not sure what type of electrical upgrade your home needs, start with an inspection and electrical load calculation for your home. An electrician can provide this service and help you understand all the upgrades you need to keep your home safe and to allow you to install all the electrical devices you want to use.

For more information on electrical upgrade services, contact a company near you.