Here's Why You Should Rewind Electric Motors

Look around today, and you will likely see an electric motor working tirelessly to keep devices like pumps, vacuum cleaners, blowers, commercial fans, and household appliances up and running. However, at some point, their performance deteriorates and undermines the efficiency of the entire equipment. Fortunately, you can remedy the situation by rewinding the electric motor when that happens. This article contains all you need to know concerning this technique and reasons to consider it.

Essential of Electric Motor Rewinding

Electric motor rewinding primarily aims at fixing damaged, shorted, or grounded coils. The entire process has three main steps: coil removal, the connection of new windings, and insulation. First, repair experts remove the original windings (coils) using screwdrivers and wire cutters. Then, they install the new windings using coils of the same thickness as the original ones. During this phase, a recreation of the original winding pattern is vital. The process ends with coil insulation, followed by motor reassembly and testing.

Reasons to Rewind Your Electric Motor

Consider getting an electric motor rewind for the following reasons:

1.       Cut expenses

When your electric motor starts operating erratically, there are two things you can do: call for repairs or buy a new one. If you are familiar with these motors, you must know they don't come cheap. Therefore, purchasing a new one every time the current component starts acting up is financially unsound. The best option is to hire a repair professional (electrician) guaranteed to charge reasonably for electric motor rewind services, saving you money in the long run.

2.       Improved efficiency

If you want to improve the efficiency of your electric motor, consider rewinding it. Although some people believe the opposite to be true, independent efficiency testing conducted before and after motor rewinding shows that rewinding improves motor efficiency. Besides, the creation of electric motors has evolved, and engineering and material advancements have it possible for motor repair experts to boost their performance by replacing old, worn-out coils.

3.       Reduced energy consumption

A faulty electric motor needs more energy to perform as required. That means, if your device has pronounced issues, expect utility bills to spike. But you can avoid energy wastage and subsequent costs by hiring an electric motor rewind expert. They will replace your device's coils, thereby restoring peak efficiency and cutting energy consumption. That, in turn, allows you to enjoy lower energy bills, ultimately saving some money.

4.       Eco-friendliness

Some motors like those installed in electric cars need magnets to function optimally and increase power output. Unfortunately, most of them are made with rare-earth metals like nickel, lithium, and copper, demanding mining and processing. And that releases toxic compounds and consumes lots of energy, which are bad for the environment. But when you choose to rewind your electric motor rather than buy a new one, you help prevent all the adverse consequences of manufacturing new units. 

For more information on an electric motor rewind, contact a company near you.