4 Pro Guidelines To Follow When Installing Lighting In Your School

Lighting the educational space is different from what to expect in the home and commercial spaces. The educational institutions feature students reading, drawing, and performing experiments. The lighting demand in the school environment is also more massive in scale than other establishments, which means the power demand and bills are higher. However, it is possible to get functional and efficient lighting for your educational spaces. Here are four professional guidelines to follow when installing lighting in your school environment. 

Perform an Audit

You should not start a lighting installation project before auditing the state of the current fixtures. An electrical contractor will assess your systems and determine areas to improve on. Then, they will offer the best lighting options and recommendations. 

Go for LED Lighting

Lighting technology has changed a lot over the years. Currently, the best technology is light-emitting diodes. LED lighting offers bulb longevity while minimizing the overall lighting costs because it does not use much electrical power. The lighting option might cost a little more than other alternatives but the overall cost of having the lights, in the long run, is less than alternative types of lighting. Also, the lighting does not disrupt the learning environment, which makes it the perfect choice for the school setting. 

Blend Natural and Artificial Lighting

Natural lighting is the ideal option for the learning environment. Therefore, when designing the lighting fixtures in the room, you should consider that natural lighting keeps the students alert, which is conducive to learning. However, avoid over-reliance on natural lighting as it becomes problematic on rainy days. Instead, consider blending in a mixture of natural and artificial lighting so you can have reliable lighting throughout all weather conditions. 

Add Sensors and Timers

Motion sensors are an additional feature that comes in handy in school lighting. They program the lights so that they only come on when someone is in the room and go off when people leave. The feature is crucial because students often forget to turn off the lights when they leave the room. Leaving the lights on for long hours eventually hikes the electricity bill. Alternatively, you can install on and off timers to control how long the lights are in use.

Get an electrical company, such as McDonald Electric, to assess the state of your school's lighting and determine what needs improvements. With a professional electrical contractor helping you, you will get superior quality lighting at an affordable cost and ensure students have a comfortable learning environment.