3 Ways An Electrician Can Help Upgrade A Billiards Room

An investment in a pool table requires a lot more than just the big purchase of the table. You also need to dedicate a room or area for the billiards table and extra accessories like pool sticks. Once you have a room chosen, you may want to consider some electrical upgrades for the area.

Electric contractors can provide upgrades that will enhance the way you use the billiards room and provide plenty of options for your electrical needs. Check out some of the upgrades to consider and help transform your billiards room before the new pool table arrives. 

1. Ceiling Outlets

Many pool rooms feature a hanging light over the center of the table. The light not only represents the style of a classic billiards room but offers a clear view of the table. Long tube lights can eliminate any shadows on the balls and allow you to line up shots.

When you want to install a hanging light over a pool table, a ceiling outlet offers the easiest connection option. An electrician can install an outlet into the ceiling so you don't have to run cords all over the billiards room. An outlet makes it easier than wiring a permanent light fixture and allows you to hang a light as low as you need.

2. Light Switch Dimmers

When you use a light over the pool table, you may want to minimize the rest of the light in the room, much like a real pool hall. An electrician can install a dimmer light switch for the regular lights in the pool room. You can dim the lights low and still have some visibility of the rest of the room. The main light focus remains on the table and creates a fun playing atmosphere.

The dimmer switches easily slide up and down to create different effects in the room. The main switch can also turn the lights on and off when needed.

3. Speaker and TV Installations

If you enjoy music while you play pool, then consider electrical wiring for speakers in the room. An electrician can help wire direct speakers to the walls of the billiards room. The speakers can play music throughout the whole room and create a fun atmosphere while you play pool.

Along with speakers, you could wire cable, Wi-FI, and outlet connections to the walls. You could mount televisions in the room to watch shows and movies while you play pool.

Contact an electrical service, such as Royal Plus Electric, Inc, to set up an appointment.