The Benefits Of Hiring Electricians For Service Panel Upgrades

As the years progress, you may need more electricity to power your home. You might install new appliances, for example, or add a room to the existing structure. You might also put in new outlets to accommodate your expanding household.

However, these new additions can call for you to redo your home's breaker box. Instead of trying to test, label, and put in a new one yourself, you can hire an electrician to handle your home's service panel upgrades.

Safe Testing

When you invest in service panel upgrades for your home, you need to have both the new and existing breakers tested. You do not want to knock out electrical power to a particular room or outlet, however. You want to have the breakers tested safely so your home's electrical power will remain intact and not short out and ruin appliances or lights.

The electrician you hire can test them out safely and make sure the new breakers work correctly. They ensure that the new additions to the service panel upgrades are safe to use and can accommodate the power run to them without shorting out, causing a fire, or ruining appliances or lights that are connected to them.

Proper Labeling

Further, the electrician you hire for service panel upgrades can also label all of the breakers properly for you. You might forget what breaker is attached to what outlet or appliance. You may also not remember what one is the master switch in the breaker box.

Instead of guessing and potentially knocking out power to important appliances or outlets, you can hire an electrician who handles service panel upgrades for clients. This contractor can label all of the breakers properly so you know what one to turn back on if or when you lose power to an outlet.


Finally, your homeowner's insurance company or mortgage lender may require you to use the services of a licensed electrician for service panel upgrades. This contractor has the licensing and credentials that may be required for this kind of work. You can provide proof of these credentials if your mortgage lender or insurance company asks for it.

It can be vital you hire an experienced electrician to handle projects like service panel upgrades. This contractor can test the breakers for safety and proper function. The electrician you hire can also label the breakers properly and provide proof of licensure when required.