4 Residential Electrical Repairs That Require Action From A Professional

Electrical issues are some of the common problems that homeowners face. Many can be fixed with some know-how and elbow grease. However, some repairs require a professional. Attempting to repair electrical issues yourself can be extremely dangerous because you can injure yourself or cause a fire in your home. If you have any electrical problems, contact an electrician. Here are four residential electric repairs they'll handle. 

Loose Outlets

If an outlet in your home feels loose, it's essential to have it repaired as soon as possible. A loose outlet can pose a serious shock hazard and cause damage to any appliances that are plugged into it. Since it can cause arcing, it may also be a fire hazard because the currents are likely to jump from one point to another. If you have a loose outlet, don't wait until it becomes a bigger problem. Have it fixed by a qualified electrician right away.

Faulty Switches

If you have a switch that controls an outlet or a light and it sparks or creates a burning smell, it needs to be fixed immediately. Discoloration around the switch can also be a red flag. It's caused by heat and signals that the switch is failing. Ignoring these problems may not be the best idea because a faulty switch can cause an electrical fire. If your switches are showing such signs of wear and tear, call an electrician to replace them. These professionals have the tools and experience and will do the job quickly and safely.


A spark is a tiny, visible electric discharge produced when two electrically charged objects come into contact. A spark inside your home is cause for alarm. If you see or notice that your outlets are hot to the touch, it's time to call in a professional electrician. They'll respond quickly and repair it, saving your home from catching fire. 

Exposed Wiring

Another serious issue that a professional should handle is exposed wiring. Many things can cause this, including rodents chewing on wires, weather damage, or wear and tear. Exposed wires are not only a fire hazard but can also cause electrical shocks. If this is the situation in your home, contact a professional immediately. They'll inspect your electrical system and replace the exposed wires with coated ones, saving you from getting hurt. 

If you aren't comfortable or familiar with electrical repairs, it's always best to call a professional. They'll assess and fix the issue and advise you on preventative measures you can take to avoid future problems. Call an electrical repair service, such as ROBERT D. SAMUELS INC./EXPERT HOME ELECTRIC, today to get started.